Our Approach

There is no good or bad way to travel, there are your personality and your values that change the way you live. We had an idea from the start of what we wanted to do like, traveling slowly and be in nature for example, but the most important aspect we found on the way was the ability to be flexible. Traveling as a team means listening to one other’s needs, traveling in foreign places means adjusting your trip and most of all, being flexible allows you to take opportunities that show up on the way. In the end, we still try to have an environmentally friendly adventure, close to the people because they are the one that make it unforgetable.

Our Story

We started our adventure over a year ago. We hitchhiked from France to Turkey for five month crossing Adriatic countries in zigzags. We spend an amazing two months in Turkey and then decided to meet family in Madagascar. This side step of three months was unplanned but life-changing. From there we met with childhood friends in Thailand and visited Myanmar for one month going all around and by the end of our stay we were convinced by another traveling couple to go to Nepal. We had a great time there, hiking in the Himalayas for the most part. Hitchhiking down to Indonesia we will next move on to Australia, New Caledonia and who knows where else !

Meet the Team

A travelling couple is first of all two individuals that are working together to go foreward and make their dreams come true.


Maia la Chance

Founder Curious and creative bee. After long university studies and before jumping head first in a full-time job it was time for the Grand Tour. It was an opportunity to express a creative side that was repressed for a long time.


Romain Boud’Luck

Co-Captain Mountain lover, outdoor freak, he could not stand working in an office, he is a gentle and spontaneous human ready for action.

Next Steps…

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